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In the Fall 2000 issue of Jewish Action, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein of Los Angeles reviewed the Orot website. The title of his article was “Connecting to a Higher Place.” Rabbi Adlerstein quoted the founder of, Gary Sternberg as saying:
“When the Messiah comes, the final topic he will study before commencing his mission will be the Torah of Rav Kook.”
“Who else but Rav Kook lavishes as much detail on the important place of the non-Jew in God’s ultimate plan; or the contributions different societies make to that plan; or how human consciousness evolves with time; and what the Jewish People’s role is in that development? Where else can one find not only the assertion that all the forces in the macrocosm and microcosm play a role in displaying the greatness of God, but ample description of exactly how the smaller pieces fit into the biggest one? The cosmic vision, and the universality of Rav Kook’s thought are precisely the tools that any redeemer will have to employ to win mankind to his cause.”

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