Messiah’s Donkey of a Thousand Colors

Messiah’s Donkey of a Thousand Colors To the State of Israel on Its Seventieth Birthday In Perek Helek, the final chapter of Tractate Sanhedrin (98a), famous for its discussions of eschatological issues, we find a focus on the speed of Messiah’s arrival (or lack thereof). Rabbi Joshua ben Levi juggles two sets of seemingly opposite prophecies. In the […]

Rav Kook’s Hakafot

Rabbi Yitzchok Sternhell of Baltimore, the Rav of Shearis Hapleita in Baltimore (author Kokhvei Yitzchok), was a talmid muvhak of the Rebbe of Munkatch, Rabbi Chaim El‘azar Spira (author responsa Minhat El‘azar). The Munkatcher was famous for his anti-Zionism in general and especially his extreme opposition to Rav Kook. Recently, there appeared a biography of […]

Book Review: “Every Age Shines with its Own Light:” A Review of “When God Becomes History”: Historical Essays of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook, translated by Bezalel Naor

Suchen Sie nach Möglichkeiten, die Anrufe und Textnachrichten Ihres Freundes zu verfolgen? Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen Spionage nur auf einige Regierungsbehörden und andere solche Unternehmen beschränkt war. Mit dem Fortschritt in der Technologie ist es nun für jeden Einzelnen möglich, die Mobiltelefone von Personen zu verfolgen, die ein Auge auf ihre Kinder, Ehepartner […]

Book Review: Rabbi Elisha Paul: When God Becomes History: Historical Essays of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook

by Rabbi Elisha Paul There has rarely been a more maligned figure of such lofty stature as Rav Kook. He was vilified during his lifetime by a small vocal minority of scholars who didn’t appreciate his uniqueness. These individuals cast aspersions on his spiritual insights and hounded him mercilessly. The great rabbi refused to retaliate […]

Book Review: When God Becomes History: Historical Essays of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook

by Ben Rothke The Myers–Briggs type indicator is extremely popular, in part that it effortlessly categorizes human personality into 16 categories. Yet as an effective tool for psychological analysis, it’s utterly worthless. Given that the human personality is far too complex to be pigeonholed into its 16 categories. Those with complex and multifaceted personalities are […]