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  • Bringing Down Dreams

    Exploring the Lost Art of Jewish Dream Interpretation

    • Joseph
    • Daniel
    • Rabbi Hayyim of Volozhin
    • Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook
    • Rabbi Hayyim Beliach
    • Rabbi Elijah Eliezer Dessler

    What do all these men have in common? Each participated in an ongoing dialogue concerning the validity of dreams. This book offers the reader rare sources such as Rabbi Hayyim Beliach’s essay Petiha le-Mar’ot ha-Nevu’ah (Introduction to Prophetic Visions). It also makes available for the first time in English translation Rav Kook’s commentary to Perek ha-Ro’eh (The Chapter of the Seer). Finally, familiar Bible stories are given a fresh appraisal. All in all, a valuable contribution to the perennial wisdom of dream analysis.

    Pinhas Hakohen Lintop, Rabbi of the Habad community of Birzh, Lithuania, was an intimate friend and colleague of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hakohen Kook. Their friendship began when Rabbi Kook served as Rabbi of Zoimel, Lithuania and later Boisk, Latvia, and continued even after Rav Kook immigrated to Erets Israel.

Showing 25–26 of 26 results