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Naor, Bezalel

Hasagot ha-Ra’avad le-Mishneh Torah

2nd revised edition, Jerusalem: Zur-Ot, 5745/1985

pp. 28, (2), 157, (3).

Haskamot of Rabbis Shelomo Fisher, Ovadyah Yosef, Jacob I. Ruderman.


Naor, Bezalel
Eshel Avraham: Berakhot, Sanhedrin

pp. 60, (4 facsimiles Ra’avad), (2).

Naor, Bezalel

Hagahot Nahmaniyot (supercommentary to Nahmanides on Pentateuch)

appended to Hasagot ha-Ra’avad le-Mishneh Torah

1st edition, Jerusalem: Zohar, 5744/1984

pp. (4), 12.

Download the full PDF here: Hasagot Hara’avad

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