Nahmanides’ Theological Boldness

Israel’s Reaffirmation of Vows If one reads the narrative of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai purely through the Biblical lens, unaided by Rabbinic commentary, the acceptance of the Torah on the part of Israel appears to be totally volitional. The shorter version of Israel’s formal acceptance reads: “The entire people responded together […]

Ben Shanah Shaul

Ben Shanah Shaul
ra’ayonot ‘al ha-torah ve-ha-mo’adim,
hiddushim ‘al sha”s,
‘inyenei halakha

English subtitle: Saul Nyer Memorial Volume

Includes correspondence with Rabbi Shelomo Fisher, Jerusalem;

Dr. Israel Ziderman and Baruch Sterman, Jerusalem;
Rabbi Moshe Brown, New York; Rabbi Hershel Reichman, New York.

pp. 298, (6).

Download the full PDF version here: Ben Shana Shaul

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Be-Mayim Azim Netivah

Author: Bezalel Naor

Title: Be-Mayim ‘Azim Netivah
Year of Publication: 5748/1988

Place: n.p. [New York, NY]
Topic: Talmudic novellae on Tractates Yoma, Kereitot, Me’ilah, and various sugyot throughout Talmud. Includes 2 facsimiles and text of Tractate Kereitot from the Cairo Genizah. Colophon reads: “…Adar Aleph, 4883 anno mundi [1123 c.e.]… Yosef bi-R’ Shmuel bi-R’ Ephraim…me-Har Nefusa [i.e. Jebel Nefusa, today Tunisia].” Bodleian-Oxford Ms. Heb. b.1. fols. 10r.-20v.; Neubauer Catalogue no. 2673
Haskamot: Rabbi Jacob I. Ruderman, Baltimore (acknowledgment of earlier work Yehidah she-ba-Nefesh); Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik, Chicago; Rabbi Shelomo Miller, Toronto.
Includes letters to Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik and Rabbi Shelomo Fisher.
pp. (10), 147, (3).
Download the full PDF here: B’Mayim Azim Netiva

Hasagot Hara’avad

Naor, Bezalel

Hasagot ha-Ra’avad le-Mishneh Torah

2nd revised edition, Jerusalem: Zur-Ot, 5745/1985

pp. 28, (2), 157, (3).

Haskamot of Rabbis Shelomo Fisher, Ovadyah Yosef, Jacob I. Ruderman.


Naor, Bezalel
Eshel Avraham: Berakhot, Sanhedrin

pp. 60, (4 facsimiles Ra’avad), (2).

Naor, Bezalel

Hagahot Nahmaniyot (supercommentary to Nahmanides on Pentateuch)

appended to Hasagot ha-Ra’avad le-Mishneh Torah

1st edition, Jerusalem: Zohar, 5744/1984

pp. (4), 12.

Download the full PDF here: Hasagot Hara’avad

Ba-Yam Derekh

Naor, Bezalel

Hebrew title:
Ba-Yam Derekh: Netivot ba-Talmud
English title:
In the Sea–A Way: Pathways in the Talmud

(Jerusalem: Zur-Ot, 5744/1983)

pp. (2), 16, 180, (2), viii.

Hebrew with 4-page English introduction.

Haskamot of Rabbis Jacob I. Ruderman, Ovadiah Yosef, Avraham Kahana-Shapira, She’ar Yashuv Cohen.

Download the full PDF here: Bayam Derech

(Page 93 as a Scan: Page 93 )

“The Jackals” and “The Lion”: Animal Fables of Kafka and Rav Kook

In 1917, Franz Kafka (1883-1924), a surrealist writer living in Prague, published in Martin Buber’s Zionist journal, Der Jude, a short story entitled “Jackals and Arabs.” The plot of the story is rather simple; the meaning—like that of most of Kafka’s works—continues to mystify readers to this day. A European gentleman camped in the desert […]

Rav Kook and Rav Shlomo Elyashev (“Leshem”) (1841-1926)

Rav Kook and Rav Shlomo Elyashev (“Leshem”) (1841-1926) The Hebrew word “Kabbalah” means literally “receiving” or “reception.” Implicit is the idea that authentic Jewish mysticism is a received tradition, into which one  must be initiated by a bona fide master. Rav Kook’s rebbe in Kabbalah was none other than Rabbi Shelomo Ben Hayim Haikel Elyashev […]

The Two Faces of Messianism

(Adapted by the Author from “Du-Partsufin shel ha-meshihiyut,” which first appeared in Bezalel Naor, Avirin [Jerusalem, 5740/1980], pp. 16-24) Copyright © 2013 by Bezalel Naor   In Messiah Son of Joseph is revealed the characteristic of Israel’s nationalism per se. However the ultimate goal is not the isolation of nationalism, but rather the longing to […]