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Author: Bezalel Naor

Title: Be-Mayim ‘Azim Netivah
Year of Publication: 5748/1988

Place: n.p. [New York, NY]
Topic: Talmudic novellae on Tractates Yoma, Kereitot, Me’ilah, and various sugyot throughout Talmud. Includes 2 facsimiles and text of Tractate Kereitot from the Cairo Genizah. Colophon reads: “…Adar Aleph, 4883 anno mundi [1123 c.e.]… Yosef bi-R’ Shmuel bi-R’ Ephraim…me-Har Nefusa [i.e. Jebel Nefusa, today Tunisia].” Bodleian-Oxford Ms. Heb. b.1. fols. 10r.-20v.; Neubauer Catalogue no. 2673
Haskamot: Rabbi Jacob I. Ruderman, Baltimore (acknowledgment of earlier work Yehidah she-ba-Nefesh); Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik, Chicago; Rabbi Shelomo Miller, Toronto.
Includes letters to Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik and Rabbi Shelomo Fisher.
pp. (10), 147, (3).
Download the full PDF here: B’Mayim Azim Netiva
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