When Rambam Met the Izhbitser Rebbe: Response to a Straussian Reading of Hilkhot Teshuvah

The renowned German Jewish scholar Leo Strauss revolutionized intellectual history when he published in 1952 his book Persecution and the Art of Writing. Strauss made the bold claim that some of our great authors wrote on two levels within the same work. For the masses, they wrote on the exoteric level, but they tucked away another, […]

Book Review: Mishnat Ya‘akov: Derushim Nivharim be-Mo‘adei ha-Shanah

BOOK REVIEW BY BEZALEL NAOR Shnayor Z. Burton, Mishnat Ya‘akov: Derushim Nivharim be-Mo‘adei ha-Shanah (5779/2019) Rabbi Shnayor Burton is a distinguished Talmudic scholar who resides in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. This is his second work of Jewish Thought. In 2017 he published Orot Ya‘akov: Derushim Nivharim be-Ma‘asei Avot. That volume focuses on the lives […]